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“June 17, 2013
An unamed customer brought her car to us because it was making a “popping” sound during a turn. (The Orville Redenbacher syndrome). Another shop told her that one of the tires was not the same size as the others and it would cost $5,000 to replace the burned up transmission. Phil replaced the tire for $75 and the car has been fine for over two weeks now. If you don’t come to Aberdeen Auto Care for the first opinion, be sure to come here for the second. We have saved our customers a lot of money.”

I called the Dent Guy you recommened and he made the car look just like new. It did not take him an hour and he only charged $50.00!!!!! When you told me about the dent guys you said it would not cost $100.00!!! . You were right! He heated it and pushed the dent out. Body shops told me the repair would cost $700 – $900. www.thedenyguysinc.com
Thank you so much. ”
~ Janice

After my engine overheated I had it towed to the dealer. They added some anti-freeze and after running the engine they said it was “fried” and would have to be replaced for $4,000.00. On advice of a friend, I had it towed to your shop for your opinion. Your Service Advisor informed me that you could replace the thermostat, water pump and timing chain tensioner for $1,083.00 which you did. The car has been running fine ever since. Thank you so much for saving my car! I even took your advice and returned to the dealer where the cost of their service charge was refunded. ”